Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ottawa - I'm in Ottawa until the end of August, searching for the best and affordable places to eat. Even if it is not considered as a foodie city, there are some hidden gems. One needs to find them. 

Definitely Di Rienzo is considered as a hidden gem found in the Little Italy. As a Montrealer, I would never expect good food to be found in a corner-store like place. This is not a restaurant, but a small and cozy grocery-deli store. To order, pick your bread, choose your meats and cheese, then choose your sauce. While he is preparing your sandwich, salivate and pick up among varities of Italian baked goods. How much? Can you believe it only cost me $9 for a sandwich ($5) and 2 desserts. You can enjoy your food sitting at the park in front of the store. 

Prosciutto Cotto, Capicollo, and Sopressata Sandwich

Rum Baba
Italian Baked Goods
Di Rienzo
111 Beech St.
Ottawa, ON
Dirienzo's on Urbanspoon


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