Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ottawa - Here is another unusual and interesting restaurant discovery. This time is at The Works Glebe, famous for its gourmet burgers and for its... remarkably LONG menu. What makes it LONG is the wide selection and combination of toppings to put on your burger. It will take a good 15 mins to go through the whole list of toppings and choose THE right one to satisfy your needs. To order, pick your patty, choose your topping and finally, pick your side. The staff being honest that the burger will be ready in 20 mins, we order two milkshakes: peanut butter chocolate, and cherry chocolate milkshakes. Can you believe that the milkshakes and water are served in a pyrex measuring cups?

After 20 mins, we received our order... lean ground beef with Three Ring Binder and a side of Sweet Potato Strings, and portobello mushroom cap with Down Under and a side of butter chicken poutine. What can I say? Patties were juicy, the toppings complement well with the patties. Sweet potato fries were crispy outside and soft inside. The poutine were just delhi-licious... flavourful and velveety gravy served with a well-grilled chicken. One word to describe our dining experience...Amazing!

Lean Ground Beef Burger with Three Ringer Binder (sauteed mushrooms, chipotle mayo, gouda & three crunchy onion rings) served with a side of Sweet Potato Strings
Portobello Mushroom Cap with Down Under (caramelized onion, egg, grilled pineapple, beets, gouda) served with a side of Butter Chicken Poutine (Delhi-licious)

Perfectly layered...
Water served in a measuring cup
16oz. Cherry Chocolate Milkshake and 8oz. Peanut Butter Chocolate Milkshake
The overwhelming long menu.

The Works Glebe
580 Bank St.
Ottawa, ON
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