Friday, November 9, 2012

My third restaurant visited for Taste MTL. Au Cinquième Péché is probably the only restaurant that serves seal regularly on their menu. This is my first ever experience and I have to say that it is now one of my favourite bistro restaurants. Had a wonderful dining experience, delicious food from start to finish. Not a single dish was a disappointment.

As amuse-bouche, we started with a white bean purée, nice thick texture with a hint of lime, reminds me of hummus. Next up, appetizers... the poutine consists of seal sausage which was very lean, packed with spices, pan-fried gnocchi has a nice bite and soft inside, and a veal sauce which melds well the whole dish together. The marinated trout tasted like the sea, very fresh.

As mains, we had a seared salmon, nicely crisp on the outside and soft inside, and the purée has a pungent citrus flavours, can't get enough of it. The duck breast was well-cooked and garnishes balance well the overall dish texturally. It was hard to decide which one was my favourite.

Finally, the desserts...the Suzie cake was dense, sweet and chocolatey, balance well with the cranberry jam and white chocolate mousse. The Ch'tiramisu, made of Speculoos cookies, was light and had a nice crunch, much lighter than the Italian tiramisu.

My review is longer than usual. It only means one thing: we really enjoyed our meal, we will return again (on special occasions).

Seal Sausage Poutine with Sweet Potato Gnocchi

White Bean Purée, Lime and Chives
Marinated Trouts, Endives, and Pear
Pan Fried Salmon, Beets, Citrus Purée
Duck Breast and Confit Duck Nugget
Suzie Cake, Cranberries, White Chocolate Mousse
Ch'Tiramisu - Speculoos cookies, mousse and cranberries
Au Cinquième Péché
4475 rue Saint-Denis
Montreal, QC
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