Friday, November 30, 2012

I was in Seoul four years ago. Coming back to Montreal, I was hoping to find a restaurant that served the authentic flavours of Korean cuisine. Despite the number of Korean restaurants and BBQs, most of them are either westernized or not up to par. No luck... Now that GaNaDaRa opened its door, I can say the taste is the closest of my trip to Korea. 

Here you can find some of the Korean classic dishes and street food. Very inexpensive, delicious and authentic food, most dishes are priced between $3-6. Perfect place for students. 

Rappoki - Rice Cakes and Noodles
Dolsot Bibimbap
Tonkatsu Kimbap - Fried Pork Cutlet
Dakdongjib - Chicken Gizzards
Haemul Pajeon - Seafood Pancake
Tuikim Family - Korean Tempura
Bulgogi DubBap - Marinated Beef

1862 boul. Maisonneuve O.
Montreal, QC
H3H 1J9
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