Saturday, November 3, 2012

This is the first restaurant visited for the Taste MTL event. Spacious, quiet and exquisite service, these are the words to describe our pleasant experience. Restaurant de l'Institut is a unique high-end restaurant in which the food is prepared by culinary students under the supervision of their professors. Consider this as an academic restaurant where you can find exquisite food at a cheaper price (compared to other high-end restaurant, of course).

For Taste MTL, we tried everything on the menu. I can say that every dish was delicious. Everything is prepared with great finesse, perfectly balanced in flavours and texture. If you haven't book for this restaurant yet, do it now before the event ends.

Scallops with Parsley Oil, Celeriac with Truffle Aroma and Parmesan Biscuit
Cucumber, Goat Cheese and Elderberry Coulis
Parsnip and Vanilla Velouté, Mushroom Ravioli, and Julienned Crispy Taro
Roast Veal Cutlet, Morel Gnocchi, Coffee-flavoured Veal Juice, and Seasonal Root Vegetables
Cod served with Leek and Yukon Gratin, Carrot and Cumin Emulsion
Almond, Prune and Verbena Pie
Xocopili Mille-Feuille with Blueberry Coulis
Restaurant de l'Institut
3535 rue St-Denis
Montreal, QC
H2X 3P1
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