Thursday, January 31, 2013

The 6th edition of the Happening Gourmand is coming up to an end, so go to these finest restaurants and profit from these discounted prices while it still lasts. Verses was our choice for this year, we were satisfy of our dining experience. We started with the grilled octopus, tender and well charred, married well with the spiciness and saltiness of the chorizo. The salmon duo has a nice acidity and freshness from both the tabbouleh and the gravlax.

As for mains, we took the duck leg with foie gras and a side of lentils. The lentils were cooked in red wine, and veal stock - addictive, we couldn't stop eating it. The duck was well-cooked and tender, falling off the bone. The second main was a surf and turf - braised short ribs and deep-fried soft shell crab. The ribs were tender and juicy with a brown sauce that complements well with the dish.

Finally, the desserts in the menu...just say the portions were quite small, we wished the portions were a bit larger. The mini chocolate cake was dense, melded well with the sweetness and tartness of the kumquats. The sweet mini platter is a must order, it consists of little sweet treats of fruits, chocolate, mousses, and cakes - fun to have a bite of everything.

Considering that it is a fraction of the price for the Happening Gourmand event, it is worth your money.

Grilled Octopus and Chorizo served with Bell Pepper Sauce 
Salmon Duo with Romanesco Broccoli Tabouleh
Duck Leg, Foie Gras served with Braised Fennel and Lentils
Surf and Turf - Braised Short Ribs and Soft-Shell Crab
Chocolate Cake, Bergamote Cream, and Kumquats
Sweet Mini Platter
Verses Restaurant
100 rue Saint-Paul O.
Montreal, QC
H2Y 3W2
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