Sunday, March 17, 2013

Misoya is a well-known international chain where they serve uniquely ramen. Unlike other restaurants which serve ramen (Kazu, Imadake, Hakata Ramen and Ramen-Ya), their ramen comes only with noodle, broth, one piece of pork belly and one garnish. But it doesn't come with seaweed, egg, corn, etc...  You have to pay extra for add-ins that are usually included at other places. Your bowl of ramen will end up quite pricey. There is a lunch special of $9.99 in which you can order either the Shiro Miso Ramen or Kome Miso Ramen.

The lunch special includes an appetizer of tofu or daikon salad. The tofu has a nice delicate texture drizzled with a toasty and pleasant black sesame vinaigrette. The shiro ramen has a mild taste, it helps to let the toppings shine. Some additional toppings were added - the egg, scallions and extra pork belly. The egg yolk is mixed with a bit of miso, runny and delicious. I can say that this is the star topping. The pork belly was under caramelized and a bit on the dry side, so the pork ended up to be a bit chewy.

The kome ramen has a strong miso taste. Sadly, this was the ramen that I have less appreciated. As you approach to finishing your bowl of ramen, the broth gets saltier as all the flavours are found at the bottom of the bowl. This can be unpleasant and overpowering, so I would recommend ordering the shiro ramen.

Tofu with Komemiso and Black Sesame Vinaigrette
Shiro Miso Ramen - Pork Cha-Shu, Bean Sprouts, Fried Tofu, Menma, Miso-flavour Egg
Kome Miso Ramen -  Pork Cha-Shu, Bean Sprouts, Corn, Fried Potatoes, Menma
Ramen Misoya
2065A rue Bishop
Montreal, QC
H3G 2E8
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