Sunday, October 26, 2014

Austin - Barley Swine operates as a farm-to-table restaurant. It receives the freshest produces daily from local farmers and the chefs concoct a multi-course tasting menu showcasing the ingredients in a variety of facets. The menu consisted of 14 pintxo-sized dishes that are inventive yet aesthetically eye-appealing. All for $75 per person. 

Each dish is unique in texture and flavour. It uses very few ingredients prepared using classical techniques, presented in a modern way. The menu is very well planned out to keep our palate entertained from beginning to the end. Throughout the whole menu, we have palate cleansers to help dilute the flavours of the previous dish and prepare us for the next dish. The meal started light with cheddar crackers, seafood and watermelon. It continues with heavier proteins - country ham, duck breast, antelope leg, quail. The meal ended with three desserts.

Barley Swine is one of the most interesting and innovative cuisine that I ever had. It is definitely suited for foodies who admire the creativity of the chefs and love to try new dishes. A marvellous experience!

Watermelon, Squid Jerky, Sunflower, Lime
Top Left: Cheddar Crackers, Green Chili
Top Right:  King Salmon, Umeboshi, Uni Bottarga, Almond
Bottom Left:  Blood Crepe, Sweet Chili, Duck Breast, Crispy Leek, Pear
Bottom Right: Corn Bread, Country Ham, Field Peas, Cucumber Pickle
Gulf Shrimp, Corn, Okra
Antelope Leg, Eggplant, Piñon, Shishito Pepper
Quail, New Mexican Chilis, Mascarpone, Ramps
Duck Custard, Basil, Long Beans
Pistachio, Green Tea, Peach, and Goat Cheese
Barley Swine
2024 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX
(512) 394-8150
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