Friday, October 24, 2014

Near Guy-Concordia station is home to many of my favourite Asian restaurants - Nos Thés, KanBai, Kazu, Sammi & Soupe Dumplings, and GaNaDaRa. Now, a brand new Korean bakery/café is added to this list. Le Painnamou is located on Bishop where the short-lived Smoke's Poutinerie used to be. It specializes in serving South Korea's quintessential dessert - bingsoo. This term refers to what is known as snow ice, frozen milk that is finely shaved to look like snow. It is layered with syrup and mounded with fresh fruits and sweet rice cakes. The bingsoo comes in five flavours - mango, chocolate, red bean, strawberry and green tea. The snow is so smooth that when you grab a spoonful of all the layers, it will instantly melt in your mouth.

Le Painnamou also serves some Korean lunch breads such as squid ink baguette, pizza baguette, red bean buns, etc... It has a similar concept to Chinese bakery like Harmonie and Coco Bun. On their display case, they serve a variety of cute-looking colorful desserts from oval-shaped blue macaroon éclairs to layered mousse cake. I had the earl grey-infused chocolate and lemon mousse. It had a noticeable tea flavour, and the tartness of the lemon mousse balances out the of the chocolate so that it is not too sweet.

On the top shelf, you can see a mountain of custard cream puffs that are displayed on a wide bowl. These palm-sized treats only costs $0.95. So cheap and delicious, after I ate one, I ordered 6 more for take-out! The custard is light and creamy, and the choux pastry is light, crisp and airy, making them addictive to eat.

Within four months since their opening, Le Painnamou is attracting a crowd of Asian University students. No doubt this business will succeed! As a said on my previous post on Atti Bistro, authentic Asian food is the market!

Earl Grey-infused Chocolate and Lemon Mousse Cake
Mango Bingsoo
Cream Puffs
Le Painnamou
2019 rue Bishop
Montreal, QC
H3G 2E9
(438) 386-7880
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