Friday, May 22, 2015

The Hangover Burger - Restaurant Ottawa

Psst... Did you know that Burgers N' Fries Forever, the restaurant located on Bank St. in Ottawa has a secret menu? Only when you click on the Secret tab of their website that you uncover their crazy burger-and-fries concoctions.  

I had lunch with my fans V&W as they were the ones who recommended this place. Burgers N’ Fries Forever serves local grass-fed halal beef, hand-cut PEI potatoes, house-made sauces and local buns. Knowing all these informations indicated on their website, you can already imagine how good their food is. The fact that they hand-ground their own meat, it makes a major difference in the texture of the beef patty. It is much more juicier than the ones found in fast-food joint.

The Hangover Burger and Sweet Potato Fries - Downtown Ottawa
The Hangover Burger (1/4 pound beef, onion ring, cheese curds, bacon, fried egg) and Sweet Potato Fries
I ordered The Hangover not that I was drunk the previous night, but I like having an egg oozing all over the burger. It comes with a perfectly crisp onion rings, bacon and cheese curds. I ordered a side of sweet potatoes. I love how it is cut into long rectangle strips, then I can taste the mushy texture of the sweet potato while tasting the crunch of the exterior. Their BFF sauce is tangy, sweet and spicy. Simply an addictive sauce!

Onion Rings
Onion Rings
The couple shared The Italiano burger. All the Italian flavours are packed into one burger. It's a perfect marriage of pesto and grilled tomatoes in one bite. They also order a side of onion rings with a garlic aioli as well as a side of poutine. The amount of onion rings is quite generous and the garlic aioli has a pungent taste that makes you want to dip into the sauce with anything. I might be biased on the poutine since I’m from Montreal and ate the most poutine on Poutine Week 2014 in Ottawa, but it was nothing special. The gravy is almost identical to the ones you can get in any fast-food joint. I would expect that they would distinguish themselves from the classics.

Poutine - Downtown Ottawa
Classic Poutine
The Italiano Burger - Secret Menu Ottawa
The Italiano - Pesto Mayo, Grilled Garlic Tomato, Provolone
All in all, I’ll definitely come back to try the rest of their secret menu such as The Quebecois (poutine burger) or The Chimp (Cheeseburger inside a Poutine). 

Burgers N' Fries Forever
329 Bank St.
Ottawa, ON
K2P 1X7
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