Sunday, June 14, 2015

Where can you get dumplings in Ottawa? Not the type of dumplings that are served in a push cart in dim sum restaurants. That belongs to the province of Guangdong and Hong Kong (the Cantonese speaking part of China). Rarely, these dumplings are made at home. The homemade version is called shuijiao, translates to boiled dumplings. It is popularly made in every household during Chinese New Year and other festivities. The skin is generally thicker than the Cantonese ones. Once cooked, these dumplings are like bags of soupy goodness.

Boiled Pork & Shrimp Dumplings
Dumpling Bowl is the only restaurant in Ottawa that serves the mainland China type of dumplings. It comes with 10 choices of filling such as Pork, Chives & Shrimp, Curry Beef & Onions, Zucchini & Black Fungus, etc... The prices indicated is for boiled dumplings; each order has 15 pieces. You can opt for the option of having them pan-fried for $1.50 extra. My personal favourite is the Pork & Shrimp, it's the combination of ingredients that I grew up with. I usually dipped them on a 3:1 ratio of soy sauce and vinegar with a few drops of hot chili oil. 

Dumpling shops are popular in Montreal, so I have a fair amount of experience of eating dumplings. The dumplings here are not the best that I have eaten. The dough-to-filling ratio is off. It either needs more filling or the skin needs to be thinner. They also serve beef noodle soup, fried chicken and bubble tea.

Considering that it is the only dumpling spot in Ottawa, it's a good introduction to shuijiao.

Dumpling Bowl
730 Somerset St. W
Ottawa, ON
K1R 6P8
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