Friday, April 11, 2014

I always imagine the day when I can taste Patrice Demers desserts' at any time at any day. This seems to be true now as he opened his own pastry shop conveniently located near Atwater's market. Being the former pastry chef at Les 400 Coups, we sometimes go there late night just for his signature desserts. His shop offers an assortment of pastries, cakes, cream puffs and "petits pots". Unlike Ô Plasirs Gourmands where they make a fix number of pastries for the day, here it keeps up the demand until all their customers are satisfied. You will definitely not miss any of the desserts that the fans are raving about.

If you are reminiscing about Patrice's two signature desserts, reminisce no more! You can have it at any time...except for Mondays. Le Vert is a layered dessert consisting of ingredients that are green - green apples, olive oil, cilantro, green apple granita, pistachios. All the ingredients are melded together with a creamy white chocolate yoghurt. One of the most refreshing and palate-cleansing dessert that I have ever eaten. Still my favourite dessert of all-time. The chocolate pots-de-crème is a three-layer dessert - chocolate crémeux, coco crumble and chocolate mousse with a sprinkle of Maldon salt. Indulgent, perfectly balance dessert when eating a spoonful of all the layers, and the salt provides a momentary burst of chocolate goodness.

One must-have dessert is displayed under a glass cloche. When you order the Choux, it is prepared fresh on order. Reminds me of some pastry shop in Paris like Jacques Genin for its mille-feuille and La Pâtisserie des Rêves for its Paris-Brest. The choux pastry was soft and crisp filled with a rich chocolate-caramel cream and a chunky flavourful banana sauce.  

The "petits pots" are layered desserts served in a mini-jar to take home. They come with a bag of meringues for the lemon cream or muesli for the pineapple yoghurt. Flavourful and nice balance of texture.The cream cheese with pears and vaccinium is an elevated version of a cheesecake - nutty cookie, sweet and juicy pear layer, and a dollop of sour berries for a well-balance of flavours and texture.

As for the viennoiserie, the Kouign Amann is a Breton cake - buttery, sweet and crispy on the outside, soft and flaky inside. Similar texture profile of a croissant. The Maple Syrup Financier is a sponge cake made with brown butter shaped like a gold bar, thus where the name comes from. This classic cake is elevated with the sweetness of maple syrup.

All the desserts here are consistent and flawless. The balance of texture and flavours are just impeccable. I'm glad, within one month, Patrice's new venture has shown great success. 

Choux - Bahibe Chocolate, Caramel, Banana
Petits Pots - Left: Lemon, Camomille, Honey d'Anicet, Chantilly Cream and Meringues
Yoghurt, Pineapple and Muesli 
Cream Cheese Mousse, Pears, and Vaccinium

Vanilla White Chocolate Chantilly Cream and Raspberry Compote Éclair

Chocolat, Café St-Henri
Kouign Amann
Maple Syrup Financier
Pecan and Chocolate Sablé
Le Vert - Green Apples, Pistachios, Olive Oil, Cilantro Granita, Creamy White Chocolate Yoghurt 
Chocolate "Pots-de-Crème"

Patrice Pâtissier
2360 rue Notre-Dame O.
Montreal, QC
H3J 1N4
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  1. Une visite à Montréal n'est pas complète sans au moins une visite chez Patrice. J'adore le financier à l'érable, parfait mélange de sarrasin et sirop d'érable.


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