Friday, August 8, 2014

Kem CoBa is located just a few doors away from Fairmount bagel. I got to know this place because of Zuuchini's dual blog post and her intentions of going back there every summer. Kem CoBa is only open during the summer. I like this area a lot since some of my favourite go-to places are just a block away - Lawrence, Boucherie Lawrence, Fabergé and Café Sardine/Iwashi. 

Kem CoBa is owned by two trained chefs creating artisanal ice cream and sorbets using fresh ingredients without resorting to preservatives. There are about 15 exciting and exotic flavours to choose from, and the staffs are quite nice to explain the flavour profile of the sorbet/ice cream. The soft serve machine contains two house-made flavours that change bi-weekly. The ice cream comes out as a beautiful and colorful spiral. 

I'm highly attracted to places that serve pandan. Many called this herb as the Vanilla of the East. If you have been to South-East Asia, pandan is grown on everyone's backyard. It is aromatic and fragrant. The taste is between vanilla and green tea. It is quite a versatile ingredient which is used both in savory and sweet dishes. You also find pandan at Satay Brothers in their desserts called Kueh Salat. 

The pandan is usually infused with coconut milk. We can taste both of these elements in their ice cream. All the ice creams so far are rich, creamy and full of flavours.  And the sorbets are light and palate cleansing.  

Next time, I'll get out of Laurier metro station. I'll think of going to Kem CoBa. Same is true for Mont-Royal station in which I go to Kouign-Amann for the best croissants/Kouign Amann in Montreal. Don't wait until the end of summer, go to Kem CoBa now!

Passion Fruit and Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream
Hibiscus Sorbet and Salted Butter Ice Cream
Soursop Sorbet and Pandan Ice Cream
La Royale - 72% Dark Chocolate + Raspberry
Bien-Aimée - Almond and Sour Cherry
Kem CoBa
60 ave. Fairmount
Montreal, QC
H2T 2M1
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