Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ottawa - Tasted a few good restaurants in Ottawa, I noticed some of the best restaurants are literally hiding away. No matter how many times you walk by it, you won't know it is a good restaurant unless you are planning to dine there.

Oz Kafé is a small restaurant with a small menu that changes constantly according to what ingredients are in season. 

The Seoul Food is a must order - a staple in their menu. It consists of strips of beef sirloin with sides.
It's like going to a Korean BBQ where you get sides and condiments but the meat is already cooked for you. You grab a butter lettuce stuffed with these juicy mouthwatering meat, add a dollop of gochujang sauce with pickled veggies and kimchi. You eat the whole like a wrap. A fun food experience for two people.

The pickerel was quite an unpleasant experience as the bones were not removed. Picking out all the bones ruins the experience of enjoying the combined flavours of the overall dish. Apart from the main star ingredient being unpleasant, the individual ingredients of the garnishes were cooked properly and flavourful.

The grilled quail was tender and juicy with a nice char on the skin.  The garnishes have a nice bite and freshness. The broth was light and loads of flavours, you definitely want to wipe the whole plate with a piece of bread. 

Despite a few flaws, it is definitely worth a second visit!

Grilled Quail with Confit Pork Belly, Uncle Willy's Oysters, Brussel Sprouts, Rabbit Juice and Smoked Leek Purée
Seoul Food - Beef Sirloin, Pickled Vegetables and Gochujang sauce
Pan-Roasted Ontario Pickerel with Potatoes, Kale, Garlic/Herb Butter and Marinated Beets
Oz Kafé
6-361 Elgin Street
Ottawa, ON
K2P 1M9
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