Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Living in a neighborhood outside downtown, you discover all these little restaurants and cafés that are rarely mentioned on review websites. This seems to be the case for Le Vieux Vélo. I only heard about it from a friend who lives around Little Italy. We grabbed our seat around 9:30am, the resto was packed around 10:30am with a long queue outside. Le Vieux Vélo has a short and concise menu, offering several versions of egg benedict. We opted for 3 of the 5 available options.

Hollandaise sauce is key to a good egg benedict as it binds all the ingredients together. It should be light, rich and buttery, brighten with a splash of lemon juice and sometimes, with a pinch of spiciness. I can say that they did a great job on getting the balance of flavours right and the eggs are perfectly poached - smooth egg whites and a runny egg yolk. Nothing much to say specifically about each dish. The Bénédictines are simple, not at all pretentious. They taste as it is described in the menu with crisp potatoes and fresh thick cut of tomatoes.

La Florentine - Sautéed Spinach, Ham, Red Onions, Chipotle Hollandaise Sauce
B.A.B. - Bacon, Avocado, Brie with Lemon Hollandaise Sauce
Le Végé-Pesto Bénédictines - Sautéed Vegetables, Cheddar and Pesto Hollandaise Sauce
Le Vieux Vélo
59 Beaubien E.
Montreal, QC
H2S 1R1
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