Every year, I donate a percentage of my earnings to a good cause. I'm not asking for any donations to support both of my websites (Montreal Food Pictures and Random Cuisine) since food photography and food blogging are hobbies of mine; the money should benefit to the ones who need the most.

Dream Corps is a non-profit organization to promote literacy across rural and migrant communities in China - establishing libraries, organizing reading activities, and training local teachers. These benevolent actions pave the way for kids to fulfill their own dreams. Every dollar donated is sufficient to offer them one book.

We are fortunate to have a high school education; not everyone has this kind of luxury - kids from rural China are amongst one of many. The living conditions are unlike developed cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, etc... Rural China are living in disadvantageous conditions where electricity is limited, technology is nearly non-existent, communication to developed cities is problematic. Most children finish school up to fifth grade due to limited number of local professors and classrooms. Even worse, some parts of China have only one teacher for all elementary grades. At a very young age, these children end up working for money to support their families. Don't you think they deserve better? To give them an opportunity to follow their own dreams?

Over the past 8 years, Dream Corps has built more than 30 libraries in 17 provinces. More than 400 volunteers were involved in the summer volunteering program, 100,000 books donated and ten thousands of kids impacted.

If you want to contribute to this cause, this is how YOU can make a difference:

1. Donate directly by filling up the form below, which will redirect you to Paypal.

Donate to Dream Corps via Paypal
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2. Or, fill up the donation form on Dream Corps' main website: http://www.dreamcorps.org/en/donate.html

Want to know more about Dream Corps and rural China? Feel free to watch these videos:


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