Sunday, February 17, 2013

Aux Vivres is probably the best vegan restaurant that I know in Montreal. Vegan dishes are challenging to make, many of us are used to meat and dairy products where fats are main sources of flavour. I love this place since they are very creative in their dishes, I take my hat off to them for producing each dish flavourful and colourful.

The dragon bowl was my absolute favourite, it looks like a twist of the Korean bibimbap - mixing all the veggies together with chopsticks and spread it with the dragon sauce - a nutritional yeast-based sauce. I could not stop eating it.

One creative item is the tofu scramble - the substitute of scramble egg. Strong and pleasant curry taste with tofu replicating the texture of egg. The other item was the coconut bacon found in the BLT - it tastes the same as bacon. The 'bacon' is made of coconut flakes coated with liquid smoke and other aromatics, and then baked for 15-20 mins. 

It is definitely worth a visit, even the meat-eaters will enjoy these dishes. Don't forget to try out one of their refreshing smoothies!

Dragon Bowl - Shredded Beet, Carrot, Daikon, Lettuce, Sprouts, Red Cabbage, Dulse, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Dragon Sauce and Grilled Tempeh 
BLT - Coconut Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo
La Polenta - Fried Polenta, Refried Black Bean, Guacamole, Tofu Scramble, Salsa & Salad
Le Complet - Tofu Scramble, Tempeh Bacon, Cornbread, Fresh Fruit, Salad & Sweet Potatoes 
Choco-classique Smoothie
Creamsicle and Tropicalia Smoothies
Aux Vivres
4631 boul. St-Laurent
Montreal, QC
H2T 1R2
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