Wednesday, January 18, 2012

 First in line in the evening, 30 minutes before the opening, staff was nice enough to let us wait in the lobby instead of shivering in the cold weather. Generous portion of food prepared with great care, well presented, everything was just impeccable. I'll let my pictures do all the talking. Definitely going back to try out the rest of the menu. A must try is the soft ice cream (yes, even in winter), a smooth and silky texture. If you had liquid nitrogen ice cream before, this is how it tastes like.

Grilled Pork Ribs
Shrimp Burger
Homemade Tofu - Available only on Sunday
Tofu Salad with Homemade Kimchi Sauce

Vegetarian Nabemono - Tofu and vegetable hotpot

4 Large BBQ Pork Neck

48-hour Pork Rice Bowl

Tuna and Salmon Bowl

48-hour pork in a small bowl

Tuna and salmon bowl in a small bowl 

Green Tea Soft Ice Cream - No cream, no egg

Kazu Restaurant
1862 rue Ste-Catherine O.
Montreal, QC

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