Monday, April 21, 2014

Let me start this review with this bold statement: Best affordable sushi in Montreal!

The sushi is not the typical sushi rolls that you find in an all-you-can-eat sushi menu. The sushi here is an eclectic fusion of fresh ingredients that combines well together to make your taste buds dance AND sing. The staffs are super friendly and funny, and the service is relatively fast. The sushi rolls are named after celebrities like Bob Marley, Madonna, The Beatles, etc... If you're curious, ask the staffs how each sushi roll is linked to the celebrity. Some explanations are quite hilarious.

I have been at Saint Sushi twice - once with my blogging friend from Un Voyage Gastronomique, the other time was with 5 friends. Both times, we opt for the Chef's 3-course Tasting Menu. The first course consists of two pieces of sashimi per person in a saké vinaigrette topped with thinly sliced green apples and ginger - a refreshing appetizer to start off the meal. The second course is their signature Christmas tree which is a lobster "tartare" mixed with tempura crumbs and yoghurt sauce served on rice crackers - delightful, perfect balance of flavours and texture, and foodgasmic!

The final course is the maki sushi rolls. When we were two people, we had 4 kinds of sushi rolls. On my second visit, we had 6. Each roll is creative, beautifully presented and different from one another. Each comes with its own sauce, and its unique flavour and texture. No need to say more, just look at the pictures below, it says it all.

The tasting menu looks expensive, but it only costs $20 per person. It is literally a steal!

This restaurant is a true hidden gem, and the sushi is simply amazing. The place is small and it does get packed easily, so best make a reservation before going. You won't regret it!

Sushi Rolls - The Michael Jackson, The Bob Marley, The Madonna, The Beatles
Salmon Sashimi with Sake Vinaigrette, Green Apples and Ginger
Lobster "Christmas Trees"

Sushi Rolls - The Sensei, The Michael Jackson, The Bob Marley, The Madonna, The Beatles, The James Brown
Saint Sushi
424 avenue Duluth E.
Montreal, QC
H2L 1A3
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