Thursday, May 22, 2014

Leméac is a quintessential French bistro similar to L'Express serving delicious food at an affordable price for over 10 years. And the portions are quite generous. We went ahead and opt for the two seafood dishes on their brunch menu. Very few brunch places serve seafood on their menu apart from serving smoked salmon. Here the salmon are either house smoked or cured in salt, sugar and other aromats.

The first has a spectacular presentation - two perfectly poached eggs wrapped with a thick slice of smoked salmon, served on two blinis and drizzled with a caviar hollandaise sauce. Light and filling, definitely worth ordering! 

The second seems to be underappreciated as none of my neighbouring tables ordered the Norwegian seafood plate. This dish brings back good memories of my time in Copenhagen when I had smørrebrød in a boat restaurant with a marvellous view of the canal. As you can see below, you have a wide selection of toppings for open-faced sandwiches with 3 slices of buttered caraway bread. Each topping balances out the other toppings - earthy and sweet golden beet, salty and sweet shrimp (close to the taste of lobster), salty and aromatic gravlax. The cucumber-dill salad is a refreshing and creamy palate cleanser.

The doughnut bowl is worth ordering. The doughnuts have a light and airy texture. It is complemented with a fruity passion fruit-apricot jam, and a tart strawberry compote.

Leméac is the perfect place to catch with old friends over brunch at an affordable price. I'll definitely come back to try out their late night menu.

Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon & Spanish Caviar on Blinis
Norwegian plate - Salmon Gravlax, Nordic Shrimps, Caraway Bread, Cucumber Salad
Housemade Doughnuts with Passion Fruit-Apricot Jam and Strawberry Compote
1045 avenue Laurier O.
Montreal, QC
H2V 2L1
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