Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rasoï is claimed to be an Indian fusion restaurant. The fusion consists of integrating a touch of French, Italian and Japanese into Indian dishes. Glancing through their blackboard menu, we also noticed some Thai and American dishes. It looks like a mishmash of major cuisines in one menu.

Many of the dishes does not shout fusion as we weren't able to pinpoint which cuisine the dish was fused with. They are simple flavoured Indian dishes without the kaleidoscope of aromas and spices.

The food was relatively good, not a simple complaint on the quality of their food. Our least favourite dish was perhaps the poutine. Although it is tasty, it lacks the feeling that it is a poutine. It should be messy with fries drowned in load of gravy. It feels like ordering a nacho.

We definitely have our favourite ones. The onion bhaji are well-spiced with lightly crisp exterior. They are served with a refreshing coriander chutney and a sour-earthy tamarind sauce. The naan bread pizzas are probably the only dishes that felt fusion. The fig and paneer naan pizza is a must try. It has sweet and savoury note with some basil for added freshness. The parmesan used comes from the store-bought cardboard, instead of using the actual cheese. The tandoori chicken Californian pizza is another dish that is worth ordering - shredded pieces of smoky tandoori chicken topped with roasted peppers and onions, chunks of mango for added sweetness. It tastes good as it sounds.

Another noteworthy dish is the coconut curry served with well-seared scallop and pan fried shrimp. The curry sauce is sweet and creamy, perfect to eat it with a dish of briyani.

Chicken Briyani with Raita
Kheema Lamb Poutine
Tilapia Pakoras with Tartare Sauce
Onion Bhaji with Coriander and Tamarind Chutney
Fig and Paneer Naan Pizza
Chicken Tandoori Californian Pizza
Scallop and Shrimp Coconut Curry
Aloo Ghobi and Brocoli
Chili Paneer
3459 rue Notre-Dame O.
Montreal, QC
H4C 1P2
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