Sunday, August 31, 2014

I have reviewed over 100 restaurants in Montreal and Ottawa, I thought that it would be a great idea that my viewers should know my all-time favourite restaurants for a particular theme. I started as a recipe blogger in 2008 (Random Cuisine) and moved my focus on Mtl Food Pics in 2013 in which I review restaurants and take pictures of their food. Being a restaurant blogger, it helps broaden my knowledge about food, and have a better understanding of flavour combinations and cooking techniques. I consider this blog not only to write about my dining experience and as a mean to improve my food photography skills, but also a learning experience to become a better home cook and baker.

Here is a list of my all-time favourite brunch spots in no particular order.

1. Chez Sophie

Located in Griffintown, this new restaurant of chef Sophie wowed us with her honest cooking. Her culinary journey in working in several Michelin-starred restaurant is well translated into her food. This is probably the best brunch that I ever had in Montreal.

2. Fabergé

This place is famous for its notorious breakfast poutine. Think of it as breakfast-in-a-bowl topped with hollandaise sauce, cheese curds and a perfectly poached egg.

3. Le Vieux Vélo

This place is a true hidden gem, located just outside of Little Italy. It serves several versions of eggs benedict. 

4. Lawrence

Lawrence serves some delicious classic British food. Opt for their famous doughnuts filled with crème anglaise, strawberry jam or chocolate. Their English breakfast and Strawberry French Toast are a must try.

5. L'Avenue du Plateau

This is a popular touristic brunch spot in the Plateau. It has an extensive menu that serves tasty smoothies and generous portions of food that will keep you full until dinner. 

6. Leméac

Leméac is a fine-dining restaurant. Many of us might not be able to afford to go such restaurant. But their affordable brunch menu is worth trying out. A must order is the Norwegian platter. It consists of generous portions of seafood - fresh Nordic shrimps, flavorful gravlax and a teaspoonful of caviar that will satisfy your seafood craving.

7. Aux Vivres

It is probably the best vegan restaurant in Montreal. Their creativity is just astonishing. It is able to convert a classic egg-and-bacon meal into a delicious vegan dish - tempeh and coconut that taste like bacon, and soft tofu that has the same texture as scrambled eggs. Any dish on their menu is worth ordering.

Question: What are YOUR favourite brunch spots in Montreal? What's so special about them? Feel free to write them in the comment section below.
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